About Us

Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Brooke has maintained an active studio in the city for over a decade. While metalsmithing and jewelry design remain the focus of her work and business, she has begun to add more utilitarian pieces to the mix through her recent ceramic works. Over the years she's been lucky to both teach and take art classes from some of the best people in the city and is proud to be part of such a generous and engaged arts community.

The simplicity and wearability of Brooke's jewelry designs reflects her motivation for creating them: to make beautiful things that stand the test of time. "I want to make pieces that I would feel incredibly lucky were I to happen upon them at an estate sale or in a thrift shop. That's the kind of jewelry I buy - well-made, one of a kind, with beautiful little details that make it a great find - and that's the kind of jewelry I want to make." This mindset has translated well into her ceramics, mainly everyday objects - mugs, planters, bowls - with subtle embellishments that she hopes will help earn the pieces a place among your favorites.