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Six Seed Types You Probably Have in Your Kitchen Right Now

It's funny how we separate things in our minds, isn't it? Even though we know sesame and flax are seeds, since we're used to eating and not growing them, we put them in the "food" category as opposed to mentally classifying them as seeds that we could stick in the ground and grow. We can, though, and each of these seeds produces a beautiful plant. Quinoa Yes, you can plant the quinoa you have in your cupboard right now. It produces a  4 foot tall plant with a strong stalk holding a clustered flower head at the end. Different types of quinoa have differently colored flower heads. The leaves are edible, too! Sesame Plants grown from sesame seeds are tall...

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Testing Seeds

Today, ten days after I decided to do a germination test on these loofah seeds, I checked on them to see how many had begun to grow. Eighty percent over ten days at 70 degrees - better than I expected! I'll test them again in the spring after storing them in a dry, dark spot over the winter. Germination tests are a great way to check seeds you already have, especially older ones that you're unsure of, to see if they're still viable. An easy way to do this is to fold ten seeds into a damp paper towel and place the paper towel in a sealable baggie. Put the baggie near a sunny window and wait about a week (longer if...

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